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Discipleship Training School is the first training received for the ones who wants to add in YWAM or even do only the DTS. It’s a challenging 5 months and intensive school with teachings from daily life details till biblical worldview, inner healing till evangelism, which will change your perspective and lifestyle, just to be each day more like Jesus.

Spring/Summer DTS

Arts Encounter DTS

The Encounter of Music and Arts it’s our main school during the year. It divides by specific workshops during the whole Lecture Phase and you will be challenged to apply your skills during the Outreach Phase.

Autumn/Winter DTS

Music DTS

Some scientists affirms that the Universe was created by vibrations. Music is nothing but vibrations, rhythm and life! Come to listen to God together.

Extreme DTS

Extreme sports DTS it is for you who love to get high adrenaline and go extreme with God. Know God’s character through what you love!

Second Level Courses

FCM – Foundations for Counselling Ministries

Second level school focused in stabilising foundations stones on biblical counselling.